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Face Place Institute Gains International Training School Status

The Face Place Institute of Aesthetics has attained training-school status from the CIDESCO organisation, which is the highest standard for spa and beauty therapy training in the world. This makes the Face Place Institute the first and only school in Jamaica to hold this globally recognised standing for quality training in the beauty industry.

Coming on the heels of the Government’s technical and vocational education and training (TVET) policy announcement, managing director of The Face Place Institute of Aesthetics, Marie Hall, was ecstatic about the achievement.

She said that the beauty industry is projected to grow even further than it has in recent years, and medi-spa businesses, cosmetic surgery and dermatology, extensions of the medical industry, all seek the professionalism and support of well-trained aestheticians, especially those who undergo CIDESCO training.

Hall explained that the school’s new status will help position students for a world of opportunities at a time when there is national focus on skills training.

“CIDESCO training at The Face Place Institute in Jamaica will raise the bar of the cadre of trained Jamaican professionals in aesthetics and beauty therapy,” she said.

With many places on the cusp of re-emerging from the global pandemic, students who undergo any of the three CIDESCO certification programmes through The Face Place Institute – manual facial, facial, or body therapy – will increase their employability not just in Jamaica, but anywhere in the world.

Hall, who was also a student at The Face Place Institute in 1989 and underwent beauty-therapy training, expressed that she has always been grateful for the opportunities that the school has afforded her through its commitment to upholding national and global standards.

However, she said it has always been the school’s mission to adhere to and evolve with national and international standards. So, although The Face Place Institute has been accredited nationally since 2009 with NCTVET as a private accredited training organisation, the three new certificates on offer are in response to the changes and needs within the beauty and spa industry globally.

Hall added, “Like myself, I want the opportunities and competitive advantage that exist today, by holding CIDESCO and The Face Place certification, to be made available to all Jamaicans here locally on their own soil.”

The beauty school boss said that she recognised that with the pandemic, many people have gravitated towards the aesthetics and beauty industry, and are learning about it online with hopes for a career.

Hall maintained, however, that “formal training like that at the Face Place Institute integrates varying methods for training from a standardised curriculum that assures quality and international best practice for all areas in Beauty Therapy. The training also includes soft skills that can not be overlooked; one-on-one teacher-learner interaction based on individual learner needs, ongoing assessment, and feedback for continuous improvement”.

The Face Place Institute of Aesthetics has adjusted classes and teaching in accordance with national COVID-19 protocols and continues instruction. The school is an adjunct to The Face Place Salon – the first in Jamaica to offer beauty therapy services.


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