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First CIDESCO beauty training school in Jamaica providing students in their pursuit of excellence in the industry with quality standards in training.

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Founder of The Face Place

Elima Hall

Elima Hall, Founder and Owner of The Face Place Institute of Aesthetics was created in 1989 out of a need to fulfill an urgent and necessary function of training young people in the art of Beauty Care in providing the special services that enhances and maintains beauty of the entire body. Mrs.Hall came to Jamaica in 1966 and although born in New York, was the off-spring of a Jamaican mother and a Cuban father. She married Errol Hall shortly thereafter and together they went to London where she was able to study in her chosen profession of Aesthetics with Frau Aida Schartz at her nationally acclaimed School for Beauty Therapy. Elima Hall on her return to Jamaica in (year) started her practice in Beauty Therapy from her home and shortly thereafter established her Salon – The Face Place on Constant Spring Road, which the first of its kind in Jamaica. The clientele was varied and wide with much acclaim for the services being offered in its specialty of skin care by its satisfied clientele. In 1984, the Heart School of Cosmetology was established by the Jamaican Government as a training facility for school leavers to acquire skills in order to be able to achieve employment in a significant growth Industry. Mrs. Hall in her capacity as a voluntary Consultant to the School, was able to contribute and assist in its curriculum, standards and syllabuses and actually participated as Trainer in many classroom situations. After many successful years as the leading Salon in Aesthetics, Mrs. Hall recognized the expanding need for training in the various services relevant to Skin Care and Beauty Therapy and in this regard, The Face Place Institute of Aesthetics became a reality in 1989 when an official launch to open its doors culminated in the first student body of eleven young persons who were awarded The Face Place Institute of Aesthetics Certificate in Beauty Therapy. Mrs. Hall’s qualification and experience was the formulae which enabled her to set out the School’s objectives and training syllabus and to provide the necessary tools to assist the student population becoming viable and equipped graduates. This was the path to students being empowered in fulfilling the economic need and employment in the Beauty Industry in Jamaica. Over the years of operation of The Face Salon, it became more apparent that there was a great need for qualified Aestheticians not only in Beauty Salons but also in the Hotel and Spa Industry as this area had always shown signs of significant growth and prosperity. From this beginning in 1989, and in (date) when the Institute acquired the approved status of Accreditation by NCTVET, the Institute has progressed from strength to strength and has gained world- wide recognition in the Caribbean, United States and Canada for the quality and excellence of its graduates. Many have found employment in the Hotel and Tourism Industry and in many Beauty Therapy Salons. Students have come from St. Vincent, Antigua, St. Martin, Mustiique, St. Lucia and the British Virgin Islands for training. In 1993, Mrs. Hall was invited by NCTVET to assist in the establishment of Standards for the Beauty Industry in the work place. In 2002, Mrs. Hall further expanded the scope of the Institute’s syllabus to include the training of paramedical Aestheticians and have also trained Dermatologists in the art of cosmetic skin care and the use of new, non-invasive technology. This training has enabled excellent results in conditions such as acne, and skin rejuvenation. Mrs. Hall was frequently in the United States to become updated in the Beauty Industry by participating in Training Seminars which demonstrated state-of-the-art machinery in the care and treatment of various skins conditions. It is now recognized that the Beauty Industry has evolved to be recognized by Physicians and Surgeons as a complimentary service for persons seeking assistance in the maintenance of a satisfactory body and facial appearance.