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Postgraduate Manual Facial Certificate

CIDESCO Postgraduate Certificate in Manual Facial

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Course Overview


The CIDESCO Post Graduate Manual Facial Certificate is available for those Beauty Therapists who have been working in the industry for at least 3 years. Qualified Beauty Therapists with a formal training and a minimum of 3 years practical experience in a Skin Salon /Spa or in a combination with teaching, will have the opportunity to gain the prestigious CIDESCO Post Graduate Manual Facial or Facial Certificate. All candidates must complete a refresher course of at least 30 hours. The refresher course must be tailored to the individual needs ensuring that the Candidates have covered all subjects in the CIDESCO Manual Facial or Facial Certificate Syllabus.


Multiple Choice Examination (MCQ) 1 Hour. 60 questions. Practical Examination including cleansing technique; skin analysis; tinting and shaping; deep cleansing with brush machine, steamer, and exfoliation products; facial massage; mask applications and day care application.


5 Case Histories. Pre- requisite to sit Manual Facial Certificate Examination.

Course Details


Theory Class Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00am to 5:00pmĀ 

Practicum Class Days:

Course Hours: Course duration is 30 hours covered in 4 weeks.

Course Cost: Course cost is $320,000 JMD

Course Dates


Our next cluster class is January 2022.


*Due to the COVID -19 pandemic and the Jamaican government mandated business days and hours, some of our course dates and class times may be affected. Please contact our office to confirm start dates and times for courses.