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First CIDESCO beauty training school in Jamaica providing students in their pursuit of excellence in the industry with quality standards in training.

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Professional Makeup Artistry

Professional Makeup Artistry

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Course Overview


The Make-up Artist program is designed to prepare students with the skills; knowledge and ability needed to work in salons, spas and retail make up outlets. Students will learn techniques and fundamentals of professional make up application needed to pursue a career as a makeup artist. The Face Place Institute of Aesthetics will teach you the secrets of make-up from industry experts. You will learn how to create make-up looks under the guidance of our educators. Prepare to take your artistry to astounding new heights!

Course Units


• Maintain a safe, clean and efficient work environment CSBCOR0011A
• Prepare clients for salon services CSBCOS0001A
• Plan and organize work CSBCOR0021A
• Provide lash and brow treatment CSBBTH0062B
• Receive and direct clients CSBCCOS0002A
• Perform interactive workplace communication CSBCOR0001B
• Deliver quality service to customer CSBCOR0041
• Apply knowledge of skin science to beauty treatments CSBBTH0133A
• Design and apply facial make-up CSBBTH0122A
• Design and apply make-up for remedial camouflage CSBPMA0023A
• Schedule and check out clients SCBCOS0012A
• Sell products and services CSBCOC0032A
• Apply knowledge of nutrition to beauty therapy treatments CSBBTH0093A
• Apply knowledge of cosmetic chemistry to beauty therapy treatments CSBBTH0103A
• Design and apply make-up for photography CSBBTH0013A
• Demonstrate retail skincare products CSBBTH0082A
• Participate in work teams BSBFLM0043A
• Maintain workplace safety BSBCOR0113A
• Participate in work teams BSBFLM0043A
• Provide lash and brow treatment CSBBTH0062B
• Maintain customer relations CSBCOR0003A
• Support leadership in the workplace BSBFLM0023A

Course Details


Summer Class Days: Thursdays from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

Summer Course Hours: Course duration is 10 weeks.

Course Cost: Course cost is $80,000 JMD

Course Dates


Our next cluster classes are:

January 26 to March 30, 2023

April 13, to June 15, 2023


*Due to the COVID -19 pandemic and the Jamaican government mandated business days and hours, some of our course dates and class times may be affected. Please contact our office to confirm start dates and times for courses.



The units outlined in this course are NCTVET curriculum based units. Upon completion of this course, The Face Place Institute certificate is awarded. The Face Place certification are clustered units from the NVQJ qualification plan.

Supply List




• Eyebrow Tweezers
• Eyebrow Razors
• Assorted Pencils (Light brown, Medium Brown & Dark Brown)
• Assorted Concealers in light-medium- dark. (If you’re not building a professional kit, purchase a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone.)




• Foundation Primer
• Assortment of foundation colours (If you’re not building a professional kit, purchase your foundation match only.)
• Assortment of setting/ highlighting Powders. (If you’re not building a professional kit, purchase a colour suited for your skin type [light-medium- dark]. Eg. Shades in Banana- buttercup-topaz, any brand will do.)
• Assortment of face powers. ((If you’re not building a professional kit, purchase a colour suited for your skin type [light-medium- dark].)
• Assortment of Contour/low lighting Powers. (A shade that’s 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone.)
• Assortment of Cheek colours (If you’re not building a professional kit, purchase colours suited for your skin type. Light – medium – dark tones)
• Assortment of lip colours (Lipsticks and gloss)
• Assortment of lip liners. (If you’re not building a professional kit, purchase colours suited for your skin [light-medium- dark] type.
• Highlighting Bronzers (suited for your skin tone)
• Finishing spray




• Eyeshadow Primer
• Eyeshadow base (white/nude & black; Jumbo pencils can be used.)
• Eyeshadows (All three textures, matte, shimmer & satin)
• Liquid and or gel liners.
• Mascaras (Black, clear, brown)
• Lashes (Individual and strip)
• Lash Glue (Individual eyelash glue & strip lash glue)
• Glitter and its adhesive




• Q-Tips
• Facial Tissue (Small)
• Make-Up Wedges or a Beauty Blender
• Cotton Roll
• Cream Cleanser
• Witch Hazel
• Protective Gears (An Apron for your protection & A Makeup Cape For Client)
• Blotting Paper
• Lip Balm
• Make-Up Spatula
• Make-Up Remover
• Assorted Make-up Brushes (A brush set can be purchased, ensure that the purchase includes blending brushes for the eyes. If not, these brushes (fluffy and a dense) will have to be purchased separately