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First CIDESCO beauty training school in Jamaica providing students in their pursuit of excellence in the industry with quality standards in training.

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Course Overview


A continued education specialty for which a Face Place Certification is awarded.

Course Details


Class Days: Tuesdays from 1:30pm to 3:00pm.

Course Hours: Course duration is 4 weeks.

Course Cost: Course cost is $75,000 JMD

Course Dates


Our next cluster class is January 25, 2022.


*Due to the COVID -19 pandemic and the Jamaican government mandated business days and hours, some of our course dates and class times may be affected. Please contact our office to confirm start dates and times for courses.



The units outlined in this course are NCTVET curriculum based units. Upon completion of this course, The Face Place Institute certificate is awarded. The Face Place certification are clustered units from the NVQJ qualification plan.

Supply List


  • 1 Roll Cotton Thread